Solidarity & KYR

by Material Support

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One of Material Support’s main goals is providing aid to people on the ground fighting to make a better world. In this spirit, we in the band would like to call attention to our comrades mobilizing in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest and disrupt the “Unite the Right” gathering occurring this Saturday, 8/12/17. There will be violence at this event. Regardless whether a single rock is thrown, or shot fired, violence is being perpetrated when white racial supremacy is normalized. Fighting in the street against those advocating the economic, cultural, and literal genocide of entire groups of people based on the pigment of skin is not misguided violence, it is self-defense. We stand in firm solidarity with our Antifa comrades and others in Charlottesville and support their use of a diversity of tactics to remind all fascists that they are bound to lose.

Seeing as we are going down the Charlottesville ourselves, but not until two weeks later, we would like to support how we can from abroad. We will be releasing another song, “Know Your Rights,” and make it available for download with our other materials. All monies raised on our Bandcamp page from today (8/10/17) until we play our show in Charlottesville (8/27/17) will be collected and given to local bail funds or activist groups mounting defenses against the Unite the Right event. If you don’t trust us to give money to community organizations then please contribute directly to those that we will most likely direct our fundraising to:

Solidarity Cville Anti-Racist Legal Fund:


released July 25, 2017

All songs by Material Support
Artwork by Egg Purity
Recording/Mixing by Travis Bacon @ Chapel Black Studios
Mastering by Enormous Door



all rights reserved


Material Support Queens, New York

Filipina-fronted agit punk band from NYC, agitated by state repression, government corruption, and patriarchy.

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Track Name: Solidarity
Creating cultures of resistance
Bonds that traverse identities and distance
None of us stand alone
Together we make this world our own

Choosing families, choosing values,
we choose to live for tomorrow
Sparking flames, loosing chains,
freedom flows, through our veins
Sharing wealth, sharing power,
sharing a collective sorrow,
Sharing pains, sharing gains,
freedom flows, through our veins

Creating strategy and tactics
Movements made to bridge all factions
None of us stand alone
Together we make this world our own

Malayo ka man, ikaw ay nasaking isipan
(even though you are far, you are always on my mind)

Di man mahagkan, nasa diwa ang iyong pangalan
(even if I cannot hug you, your name is in my thoughts)

Magkahawak ang ating kamay
(we are holding each others hands)

Sama sama tayong magtatagumpay
(we are together in victory)

Saan mang parte ng mundo,
(wherever you are in this world)

Mananatili ka sa puso ko.
(you will always be in my heart)
Track Name: Know Your Rights
Know your rights x3
You don't have to talk to the cops
You don't got to talk to no cop
But if you have to talk to the cops, be firm and assertive

Am I being detained?
Am I free to go?
I do not consent to this search
Am I free to go?

Do you have a warrant?
Slide it under the door
I choose to remain silent
I want to speak to my lawyer

Why did you stop me?
Do you have reasonable suspicion?
Officer please give me your badge number
It is my right to film the police